Newsweek reports on Hillary Clinton’s inner circle

August 16, 2016 | Maria Daniels

Nina Burleigh’s Newsweek report, “Meet Hillary Clinton’s Inner Circle, the Queenmakers Who Won’t Rest Until She’s President,” delves into the decades-long friendships and support network of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a cadre of women who have seen her break barriers as a fighter for women’s and human rights.

…a kitchen cabinet of close friends who idolize her, who believe she is a force for moral good in American politics, and who dearly want to see a female president.

Burleigh writes, “In October 1992, [Swanee Hunt] organized a fundraiser in Denver called ‘Serious Women, Serious Issues, and Serious Money,’ aiming to raise a million dollars for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. Hillary was one of the key speakers. ‘I sat there in the audience listening to Hillary talking about the economy, and I thought, holy Toledo, how can someone stand up there with no notes and sound like the head of the World Bank or Federal Reserve?’ Later, Hillary called to thank Hunt for her contribution, Hunt recalls. ‘I said, “Oh, actually it isn’t for him, it’s for you.”‘ …[Hunt and others] have been waiting and planning and spending for years to put her in the White House.”

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