It’s time to suit up. Or, should I say, PANTsuit up.

November 2, 2018 | Swanee Hunt

With only four days left until the polls close for the most consequential midterm election in my lifetime, it’s time to suit up. Or, should I say, PANTsuit up.

I recorded an episode of the popular Pantsuit Politics Podcast (more than 50,000 subscribers) released today.

In the episode, co-hosts Sarah (from the left) and Beth (from the right) and I talk “inclusive security”—the need to have women as key leaders in peacemaking and governing around the world. I highlighted examples of women bringing polarized groups together by working across divides (a model for the US?); the worldwide #MeToo movement post-Kavanaugh; and the urgent need for each of us to shape our own political landscape.

Click here to download and listen to my Pantsuit Politics interview. Or find it wherever you get your podcasts—iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify.

To help you get through the next few suspenseful days—unless you’re already on your way to a phone bank or canvass—we’ve posted a new highlight reel on YouTube from the media briefing we held at the Newseum about the record number of women running for political office this year.

In addition to the experts discussion I sent you last month, you’ll see women senators on both sides of the aisle, fascinating analysis from Debbie Walsh at the Center for American Women and Politics, and more.

As I tell Sarah and Beth at the end of our Pantsuit Politics conversation, every one of us has a chance, in some way or another, to be a part of this historic midterm. It’s not about watching the election results—it’s about shaping those results by getting involved. And this weekend isn’t too late. Call or email your local candidate’s or party’s office to volunteer last-minute help getting out the vote. Depending on the race, you may be able to send reminder texts to voters from your home or office break room.

Whatever happens on Tuesday—and whether we wake up on Wednesday to a Trump White House deluged by a blue wave or a Capitol still controlled by the GOP—women will have a crucial role to play in what happens next in our country.

I predict women will continue to run in record numbers. I predict they’ll continue to win. And it will all be thanks to the seismic shift we are witnessing in real time. Talk to you on the other side of history!