A democracy, to be fully alive, must include all its citizens.


Swanee Hunt told PBS NewsHour why women need a seat at the table to make peace last. An activist, philanthropist, academic, artist, and internationalist, she provokes change for good, advancing inclusive security abroad and social justice in the United States.

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How two sisters sparked
global philanthropy for women and girls

Targeting structural change, not just direct aid for the needy, Swanee Hunt’s philanthropy extends across private and public structures. Her leadership in developing more effective models of giving has influenced other donors. After Swanee and Helen founded Women Moving Millions to "raise the bar" for women and girls, Barron's listed them as the 9th most effective philanthropists in the world.

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From Women Waging Peace to Inclusive Security

In 1999, on the strong hunch that women are an untapped resource to in preventing and stopping war, we brought more than a hundred leaders to Harvard to exchange their strategies with as many policy makers and a host of researchers. That meeting has spawned a whole movement, bringing Joseph Nye’s doctrine of “soft power” to bear in stopping deadly conflict. (Photo: Standing with the first elected woman president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.)

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Witness: A Photo Essay

View this exhibition catalog of Swanee’s photography, organized around the common human values that unite us across cultures.

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