Seismic shift: The new world of women in politics

March 8, 2019 | Shereen Hall

Remember that Pantsuit Politics event we recorded in January about the surge of women into US politics? It’s live today. Click here to take a listen to more than a dozen of the country’s top female journalists, scholars, organizers, and candidates.

Individual Interviews:
* Kelly Dittmar, Center for American Women & Politics
* Muthoni Wambu Kraal, Former Vice President of National Outreach and Training of EMILY’s List, National Political and Organizing Director for the DNC
* Sarah Riggs Amico, Businesswoman, 2018 Candidate for Lt. Gov. of Georgia
* Marianne Schnall, Founder of What Will It Take Movements

Action Steps Panel: 
* A’shanti Gholar, Former Political Director, Emerge America
* Courtney Hill, Political Consultant, Emerge America
* Sabrina Schaeffer, Board Member, RightNOW
* Cynthia Terrell, Executive Director, RepresentWomen

Primary Hurdles Panel:
* Julie Conway, Executive Director, VIEW PAC
* Rebecca Schuller, Executive Director, Winning for Women
* Rina Shah, Co-Founder, Women’s Public Leadership Network
* Corie Whalen, Writer, Former Capitol Hill Comms. Director

Media Matters Panel:
* Elisa Lees Muñoz, Executive Director, International Women’s Media Foundation
* Susan Page, Washtington Bureau Chief, USA TODAY
* Maureen Bunyan, Veteran TV Journalist