The meaning of giving

December 6, 2016 | Swanee Hunt

With the end-of-year holidays upon us, I’ve been pondering the meaning and impact of giving. In recent years, my own philanthropy has focused on supporting the projects I am most passionate about — building women’s roles in peace and security, ending prostitution and sex-trafficking, and developing stronger social movement leaders.

I’m delighted that others are stepping forward and sharing our work — and I haven’t been shy about asking them to join us!


Recently I spoke in considerable depth about these themes with editors from the Coutts Institute. Coutts, the private banker to the British royal family and many other generous people around the world, is thoughtful about innovative approaches to philanthropy; its institute conducts intensive research and analysis.

Inclusive Security is a giant idea, and the work has outgrown our ability to support it all. So now we’re finding partners to meet the growing needs, and when we hear of other organizations starting to focus on women and peace, that’s nothing but success in my mind.S.H.