Thank Heaven!

April 30, 2017 | Swanee Hunt

My advice: Stay grounded, but be bold!

I try to remind myself that when my problem in the moment is too much meaningful work, I should unfurrow my brow and thank heaven. Or, you might say, stay focused on my North Star.

So I was pleased to sit down with the editors of Women & Wealth Magazine, an initiative of the investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman, for an in-depth interview. It was a luxury to sit back and take stock (puns intended) of what I’ve learned across years of philanthropy. And it gave me a chance, in my mind’s eye, to be inspired anew by people facing colossal and persistent challenges, the likes of which I’ll never know.

What’s my north star?  And yours?  There’s no right response, since we answer that question based on life experiences, relationships, values, religious faith, our sense of ourselves…. What I’m sure of is that wherever we’re travelling, we go farther if we don’t go alone.

Thanks to Center for Women & Wealth Executive Director Adrienne Penta and Senior Vice President Joann Gilbert-Holmes, who came to my home for the discussion, and to their BBH Creative Services for the beautiful pictures. And I appreciate the headline: “Power, Parity, and Policy.”

Act out of your passion. The question is not, ‘What can I do?’ Ask, ‘what needs to be done?’ And then go Women and Wealth Magazine